Innovative packaging and branding is driving produce category growth. Shoppers are looking for smaller, grab-and-go packs. Retailers are differentiating through private label brands. Certified organic produce requires special handling and packaging. Yet, for individual grower-shippers, this can create complexity and cost within their supply chain.

Castellini eliminates this complexity and creates value for growers, customers, and shoppers alike through extensive in-house packaging capabilities which can be customized to meet any marketing requirements.

  • Leading-edge sorting, sizing, and packing equipment
  • Master carton breakdown and repacking
  • Customized track packs for potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and more
  • Extensive tomato packaging options, including clam shell, layer, tray, and tube
  • Private Label bagging of potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, citrus, and avocados

Packing & Re-packing

Need a smaller pack size? No problem. We take master cartons and break them down to create pack sizes ideal for your specific needs. This helps save on excess product and reduce the amount of shrink at your facility.


Through our assorted line of bagging solutions, we are able to provide custom private label programs for organic and conventional produce items. Whether it is bulk pack potatoes or a smaller SKU count of avocados to meet consumer trends, we’ll create a consumer-ready solution that helps drive sales growth.


Looking to personalize products with your brand name or create a custom label to streamline scan codes at point of sale? We can help. UPC scannable labels are used on all products and are packed to customer specifications.