Certified Organic Produce

Our centralized procurement team and extensive grower and customer network allow us to maintain a reliable, always-fresh inventory of regionally and seasonally best certified organic fruits and vegetables from the most recognized growers here at home and around the world. Our volume and velocity means you can delight your shoppers with the freshest organic produce available every day.

To ensure your organic produce program is authentic, we hold ourselves and our suppliers to stringent organic certifications, standards, and best practices:

  • We are certified by Quality Assurance International as an Organic Distributor/RePacker.
  • We require proof from our organic suppliers that their products are grown and processed in compliance with the USDA’s National Organic Program requirements.
  • We are members of the Organic Trade Association
  • We have developed a comprehensive program to ensure organic integrity is maintained from pick-up to delivery, based on the Organic Trade Association Guidelines for Distributors Handling Organic Food Products.
  • All items are PLU or UPC labeled

To ensure your organic produce program is successful, we work with you to customize a total program from field to store, including next-day delivery, cross-dock solutions to complement existing produce programs, ripening and repacking, merchandising training and tools, and the latest information on new items, supply conditions, trends, and more.

Our certified organic produce is purchased direct from premium organic growers such as:

Lady Moon Farms • Cal Organic • Josie’s Organics • Homegrown Organic Farms • Greenfield Farms • Stemilt • Dole • Earthbound Farms • Organic Girl • Driscoll’s • Calavo • Natureripe • Wholesum Harvest • Organic Valley • Purity Organic • Del Cabo • Mother Earth Mushrooms • Viva Tierra

Due to the public consciousness of food’s ecological consequences, a growing number of people are paying close attention to where their meals came from, the farming process, and how they end up at their tables.

Organic agriculture is a rapidly expanding segment of American agriculture, giving employment and spurring economic growth and opportunity across the country. There are over 28,000 certified organic produce sources, and as the market demand for organic products increases, this figure continues to rise.

What Does Certified Organic Produce Mean?

These are crops that are grown, kept, packaged, transported, and sold in strict conformity with technical specifications, and a certifying authority labels them as “organic.” After a certification body has verified that the produce meets organic requirements, they give it a sticker that matches their certificate authority.

This ensures that responsible personnel always follow the key principles of “organic” produce from the farm to the marketplace. An organic label only applies to a production chain, which guarantees ethical and responsible growing and handling of the produce. However, this covers the production chain and not the product quality.

Castellini Company is one of the certified organic produce logistics companies in the US. We specialize in organic produce sourcing and delivery, as well as supply chain services. We can get premium produce rates, enter fast-growing localized, regional, and global markets, get extra financing and technical support, promote the regional economy, and advertise our products since they organically approve us.

A professional from Castellini handles certified organic produce

Popular organic items are increasingly scarce, including wheat for pasta, poultry for stew, and oils for the vinaigrette. At Castellini, we are optimistic that organic agricultural investments in the United States and abroad will improve organic agricultural production for the development of new products’ supply.

With only small parcels of organic land being available, along with certain key skills necessary to optimize agricultural output in an organic structure, establishing an organic supply chain is difficult. However, with the huge benefits that come with organic diets, their demand continues to grow all over the country.

What Are the Benefits of Certified Organic Produce?

Additional healthy fats

Organic milk and meat may contain up to 50 percent extra omega-3 fatty acids, a form of good unsaturated fat, compared to conventional produce. These variations are because of how they rear organic cattle, which includes feeding them on vegetation and spending more time outside. Moving from conventional to organic food will increase omega-3 consumption while significantly reducing caloric and saturated fat intake.

Fewer herbicides and toxic substances

The farmers we partner with do not use many agrochemicals and synthetic fertilizers in growing organic produce. Though some entities declare that some pesticides are safe in small proportions when used during conventional production, medical authorities caution that constant exposure could cause harm.

No antibiotics and synthetic hormones

Inorganic farming involves the administration of antibiotics to cattle to guard them against infection, enabling farmers to breed their livestock in congested or unclean surroundings. They also inject conventionally bred livestock with synthetic growth hormones to help them develop mass or generate more milk.

Organic produce that does not involve the use of antibiotics allows for increased immunity and lower drug resistance. There are also lower cancer risks since synthetic hormones are out of the picture.

More antioxidants

With just a 17 percent average differential between conventional and organic produce, organic produce has more antioxidants compared to conventional produce. Although boosting overall antioxidants may not appear to impact the total nutrient status significantly, it does.

When you shift from a conventional to an organically dependent lifestyle, you can improve your crop-based antioxidant consumption by 20 to 40 percent. All this without increasing your calorie consumption.

Partner With Us Today for Certified Organic Produce

Castellini is the leading distribution company for certified organic produce in the United States. We provide our clients and supply chain partners with long-term, profitable growth while delighting the people we serve. We can help you go beyond the expectations of organic produce courtesy of our fresh foods and quality service. Please contact us right away for a quote!

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