Produce Sourcing and Delivery Services Nogales, AZ

More than 100,000 trucks have crossed through Nogales, AZ, carrying over $3.7 billion worth of fresh produce for more than a century now. This has led to the growth and emergence of many distributors and growers in Nogales.

Castellini is one of the largest fresh produce distributors, with experience and industry growth since 1896. We have developed a strong network of certified growers, facilities, customers, a passion for customer service, and customized supply chain solutions through many years of operation.

Produce Sourcing & Delivery

For nearly 125 years, Castellini has been offering expertise in produce sourcing and delivery services. We have stocked almost every available fresh produce, whether organic or conventional. Our regional and local suppliers are some of the top growers and wholesalers globally, including Greenfield Farms, Ruhlig Farms, Holthouse Farms, and Michael Farms. We are one of the largest and most trusted local, fresh, and organic produce distributors all over the United States.

Our end-to-end transparent distribution process assures all our clients of speed and trust that we will deliver their products as needed and in a short time.

Conventional produce supply

We have over 1,200 conventionally grown fruits and vegetables in stock, the highest quality, and the most extensive inventory you’ll come across all over Nogales, AZ. Our extensive customer and grower network enables us to always maintain fresh products. All our produce meets the food industry safety protocols and is UPC or PLU labeled to assure our clients the highest quality.

Certified organic produce

Castellini is certified as an organic re-packer and distributor by Quality Assurance International (QAI). We also require all our organic suppliers to prove USDA’s National Organic Program regulations compliance during the growth and production of their products.

To uphold organic integrity, we have a comprehensive handling program that follows Organic Trade Association Guidelines. To ensure the success of your organic products program, we work with all our clients and customize a field-to-store program that includes next-day delivery, ripening and repacking, and the latest information from both ends.

Emergency fill-in

Our produce sourcing and delivery team and extensive inventory enable the fulfillment of any emergency orders. We can source the best and most preferred products for you based on seasonal availability, market trends, and rates. Our connections in the sector allow us to take care of those who like exotic produce. We also have partners in the international markets where we source any type of fruit or vegetable that is not produced locally or yet to be introduced fully to the American food market.

Supply Chain Services

We have fully integrated cold storage services that include 25 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit storage capacity. Our inventory management system is custom designed to offer complete visibility throughout your product’s lifecycle. In supply chain services, we offer solutions in packaging, ripening, sorting, and warehousing.


From the many years of operation, Castellini understands that most shoppers prefer the smaller packed goods, which they can quickly pick from a store. After produce sourcing and delivery into our facilities, products undergo innovative packaging and branding. Some products, such as certified organic produce, may require special handling that is achieved with quality packaging.

We create value for shoppers, customers, and growers and reduce the complexity of special handling. For clients looking to customize their products with personal labels, we pack to their specifications and use UPC scannable labels.


Most shoppers prefer to buy products, such as avocados, tomatoes, and bananas that are ready to eat. We have 26 ripening rooms, soft-touch sorting technology, and generations of ripening expertise to ensure consistent, uniform quality, ripeness, size, color, and freshness.

Our tomato ripening operation is one of the most extensive in the Midwest. We first sort our organic or conventional tomatoes, wash and ripen, after which we pack them in 30 different varieties and configurations. We have experts in the avocado ripening process who can condition them based on the season, type, and origin to meet customers’ demands.


We have state-of-the-art sorting equipment enabling us to deliver high-quality services to our retail and foodservice customers. Perishable products are sorted and sized using a soft touch technology based on parameters such as shape and diameter. Our dedicated team of experts and modern equipment enable us to consistently deliver unmatched quality and value.


To ensure that our fresh fruits and vegetables are fresh and safe, we use specially designed facilities with eight different climate zones and support cold chain integrity. Our organic zones are certified by international quality standards. Before we store any products, our quality assurance team inspects the produce to ensure it’s up to the set standards and regulations. We then ripen the produce, sort and re-pack it in the required quantities for the client.

For traceability, we make sure that the entire process from receiving the products to the delivery is transparent. Our services are always customized to your needs, including delivery to your preferred destinations.

Transportation Services

Castellini has one of the most robust transportation service networks in Nogales, AZ. This enables us to deliver your products in any corner of the country and on time. We have the expertise and the infrastructure to ensure timely delivery so as not to compromise the freshness of your products. Our team is committed to not only fulfilling but exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We have a vast carrier network comprising fleets of both tractors and trailers, ensuring that every touchpoint in our supply chain is accessible.

Leave it to Us

If you are looking for professional, reliable, and efficient produce sourcing and delivery, supply chain services, floral programs, and transportation services, Castellini is your perfect partner. Whether you are an organic or a convention grower in food service, retail, or wholesale grocery, let us get your produce to its destination while it’s still fresh, while you do what you do best. Contact us today for more information.