Produce Sourcing and Delivery Laredo TX

Right on the Mexico-Texas border, Laredo is a city of culture, sunshine, and supply chain centers that drive a large part of the state’s economy when it comes to fresh groceries and other food products. Read more about our service area in Laredo and gain an understanding of how we source and deliver wholesale products to this area.

Produce Sourcing and Delivery

Whether it’s fresh produce from a conventional or organic source, we can get what you need. In addition, we have a wide variety of specialty products that are often not widely available in American stores. In regards to our conventionally sourced produce, we source from and partner with a variety of respected growers, including the following companies:

  • Dole
  • Natureripe
  • Fresh Express
  • Ocean Mist Farms
  • Sunkist

Organic options are available year-round as well. We partner with several organic farms to bring our customers — which include both retail and foodservice destinations — high-quality products during the growing seasons in the Southeast and Midwest regions.

Supply Chain Services

At Castellini Company, we have spent more than the last hundred years perfecting aspects of our shipping and supply chain. We offer packaging, ripening, sortation, and warehousing services. It’s crucial to keep produce fresh throughout every step of the journey, and we customize packs and provide special handling for a variety of our goods to ensure that they remain in great condition through every leg of their journey. We also offer bagging and sorting of goods such as potatoes, onions, and avocados, and we are able to provide smaller packaging options and personalized labeling for delicate produce as well.

Transportation Services

We take our transportation services as seriously as we do the quality of our produce suppliers and our supply chain services. Distribution of organic and conventional produce often relies on speed and dependability — and we can provide both. Due to our large carrier network and our in-house fleet of transportation vehicles, we can assure you that your order will be delivered in a timely manner with the care that preserves the quality of your produce. Let us know how we can answer your questions regarding transportation, and we’ll be happy to talk logistics with you to help figure out your specific transportation needs.

Get In Touch Today

Castellini Company has nearly 125 years of service in the produce distribution industry in the United States. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our unique customers and working together to create solutions that help families get fresh produce whenever they need it. Get in touch with us today to discuss organic or locally grown produce or talk to us about how we source our specialty products. We look forward to partnering with you to bring fresh produce to your area!