Produce Sourcing and Delivery Bakersfield, CA

People who don’t live in Southern California may not be familiar with Bakersfield. Still, its residents know it as a metropolitan area that boasts tourist-friendly sites and attractions, country music, and a thriving agricultural hub. All of these qualities and the size and location of the city make it perfect for produce supply and shipping. When you work with Castellini Company to source, transport, and deliver fresh produce to your location, you can ensure quality and timely service. Read more about our services as well as what we can offer you. 

Produce Sourcing and Delivery

California is often known in the media for being the center of the organic produce craze. Eating healthfully is not a fad, though: Whether your customers want conventional, organic, or locally sourced produce, we can supply it for you. Because we’re certified as an organic distributor and hold membership in the Organic Trade Association, you can rest assured that we understand the ins and outs of finding and delivering fruits and vegetables grown in certified organic locations. You may notice the following labels on our products:

  • Homegrown Organic Farms
  • Greenfield Farms
  • Dole
  • Organic Girl
  • Driscoll’s

Supply Chain Services

We offer sortation, ripening, packaging, and warehousing services to our nationwide customers who work in both the foodservice and retail grocery industries. Our sorting and sizing equipment gauges our produce by size and shape and allows us to provide our customers with a high volume of product at a moment’s notice. If you have concerns about tomato packaging, avocado ripening, or anything else pertaining to our supply chain and delivery, please reach out, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Transportation Services

At Castellini Company, we have connections with transportation hubs throughout the United States. We make it a point to maintain excellent relationships with our distributors and our customers. Additionally, our fleet of tractors and trailers can step up to fill any gaps in our carrier network during busier seasons. We strive to provide you with step-by-step communication as we coordinate the logistics of delivering your produce right to your door.

Get In Touch 

Whether you need help finding fresh produce, having it delivered without spoilage and bruises, or you’re having trouble communicating with your current transportation network, it’s important to sort out these issues so that they do not interfere with how you run your daily operations. Get in touch with Castellini Company for seamless communication and high-quality service every time you place an order.