Produce Sourcing and Delivery Bainbridge GA

Bainbridge, GA, may be a small town, but it’s located in a prime spot for shipping. Our Bainbridge location is situated on U.S. Route 27 and 84, and it has central access to major hubs such as Tallahassee, Columbus, and several other locations throughout the southern United States.

Grocers and those in the foodservice industry are always looking for the freshest produce and the fastest delivery speeds. At Castellini Company, we can guarantee that our sourcing, distribution, and supply chain services are second to none. We have nearly 125 years of experience fulfilling the needs of those who need conventional, organic, and local produce as quickly as possible. Browse through our services below and get in touch with questions that pertain to your individual store, market, or corporation.

Produce Sourcing and Delivery

Perhaps you place large orders that need to be delivered on time, and you have had trouble communicating with your previous delivery service. Maybe your past orders were delivered wilted or spoiled. Castellini Company works with local conventional and organic growers who provide only the best and freshest produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons in their areas of the country. If you are an independent grocer who thrives on providing exotic produce available to his or her customers, we can assist you in that mission. 

Supply Chain Services

Stop worrying about whether your shipment will arrive on time: Let our supply chain services fill in the gaps for you. We specialize in packaging, ripening, sortation, and warehousing of a multitude of goods. We have dedicated ripening rooms for delicate fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, and avocadoes: We ripen over 30 loads of bananas a week! Get in touch with us to learn more about this service and inquire about specific varieties of tomatoes and other products that may need more specialized care than your average produce order.

Transportation Services

You may have an excellent supplier who you trust to grow the most phenomenal produce you’ve ever seen — but you’ve found that your order often doesn’t arrive before it spoils. Don’t let your location hold you back from getting what you want. We offer nationwide delivery and a wide-ranging network of distributors for our retail, wholesale, and foodservice customers. 

Get In Touch

If you wish to learn more about the produce sourcing, supply chain, and transportation and distribution services we can offer you, get in touch with Castellini Company today. As we have over the last century, we can promise that you can count on us to do an exceptional job the first time — and every time — you work with us.