Local and Regional Growers


Castellini is a top distributor of fresh produce. Having commenced operations in the late 1800s, the company has a wealth of experience in offering services that meet customers’ needs. Castellini delivers organic fruits and vegetables to clients all over the eastern region of the Mississippi River.

We have more than 400 certified organic and over 1200 organic products. Expect to get the highest quality fresh produce from the brands and producers you and shoppers recognize and trust. We have mobilized local and regional growers and customers through our Locally Grown program in the Midwest and Southeast.

We commit to the following:

  • Quality

For the years we have been in operation, Castellini has always committed to offering quality fresh produce. We implement industry-standard practices to ensure our produce comply with food safety and proper refrigeration standards. Besides, we monitor our local and regional growers to ensure they enforce food safety, yield, consistency, and quality in line with our practices.

  • Service

At Castellini, we go beyond our dedication to bringing our clients the freshest produce. Our sales team is trained to offer top-notch customer service.

  • Value

Castellini commits to bringing economic value to foodservice operators by providing maximum total value to all our supply chain services. As a result, we ultimately offer consistency, the highest quality, food safety, and exceptional service to our customers.

Local and Regional Growers

Both growers and consumers benefit from improved access to healthy, fresh, and local food. Farmer’s markets and food hubs act as grower-to-consumer connection points and create economic opportunities for local farms, improve economic outcomes for the local and regional growers and increase consumer access to healthy and fresh food.

However, it takes a lot of effort to build connections that increase market opportunities for growers and increase healthy food access for consumers. Castellini beat the odds and successfully links local and regional growers with grocery retailers, thus providing more market opportunities and increasing food access to consumers.

Produce Sourcing & Delivery

Castellini exhibits unmatched excellence in produce sourcing and delivery. Since we commenced operations, we have created direct source produce programs with the best local and regional growers. Our partnership with direct farms guarantees us abundant fresh produce and vegetables all year round. We take pride in promoting fresher and healthier food options since we source organically grown produce.

Supply Chain Services

Efficient supply chain services are pivotal in the delivery of any product, including fresh produce. It involves preparing the produce so it can reach the destination in a convenient condition. From ripening to packaging the produce, Castellini has invested its resources in this unit to ensure everything flows seamlessly. We expanded our facility; thus, we now have more room to handle the fresh produce while ensuring optimal assortment, freshness, and quality.

Transportation Services

Castellini understands that transporting produce is sensitive and fast-paced. In fact, this aspect can break or make your profit since customers may reject fresh produce that does not appear fresh. Maintaining a healthy appearance and freshness requires planning and shipping early enough under the correct guidelines.

While we understand that fresh produce needs to reach the destination safely and quickly, we are keen on the temperature of the perishable produce and give special attention to all FDA regulations. Therefore, our commitment is streamlining our transport services to get fresh produce to its destination when fresh and safe.

We adhere to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), whose implementation aims to curb food safety risks and the outbreak of illnesses due to unsanitary transportation. We clean our fleet and transportation equipment adequately and maintain the correct temperature for shipping the product. Our carrier personnel have the right training to protect produce from cross-contact with contaminants. Lastly, we record and maintain all agreements, procedures, and training.

If you are a local and regional grower, we can help you get a link with a distribution warehouse and grocery retailers and take your business to the next level. Contact us or call us at 859-659-3320. We are always happy to help.