Castellini’s Next Generation Wholesaler Technology

Our commitment as a company is to “deliver a better way, simply.” Every day we take on our customers’ most complex challenges and provide faster, simpler solutions. This is what we do because it’s who we are—who we’ve always been. We are problem solvers.

As the landscape of our industry continues to evolve, so does the way in which commerce is conducted. We must respond by inventing or adopting the innovations necessary to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and focus our efforts on flexible logistics solutions, modern technology, and quality to deliver indispensable value at every touchpoint in the supply chain.

In the spring of 2020, we announced our two-fold plan for the integration of our businesses, which included the expansion of our facilities in Wilder, KY. As part of that effort, we are embarking upon the initial phases of our technology evolution. Designed to enhance agility and efficiency for customers and suppliers, this effort includes a fully custom-designed Supply Chain Execution System, Warehouse Management System and Business Intelligence Solution.

The implementation of this industry-leading system allows us to streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance communication across multiple departments to provide a more comprehensive and improved customer support experience.

“Our goal is very clear: to be an indispensable value at every touchpoint in the supply chain. We will continue to engineer and design better, simpler solutions for our customers.”

Brian Kocher, President and CEO

For over a century we’ve leveraged innovation, expertise and grit to deliver a better way for our customers and business partners, this new technology platform provides us with the ability to connect inventory, order management, customer service, scheduling, accounting, operations and dispatch into one network. Improving visibility to all aspects of our business and ultimately the speed in which we are able to respond to critical supply chain needs.

These new customized supply chain technologies will enhance:

  • Data Integrity
  • Inventory Visibility / Near Real-Time Inventory
  • Quality Management / Traceability Measures
  • Inbound and Outbound Optimization
  • Near Real-Time Shipment Visibility & Tracking
  • Improved Communication

We are excited to launch this new technology platform that will help power us through the next stage of innovation and allow us to once again increase our ability to provide faster, simpler solutions for our customers and business partners. Stay tuned for more information regarding this special announcement and how Castellini’s new Supply Chain Technology will impact service levels in 2021 and beyond!

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