2016 Buying Food Show and Educational Seminar at Great American Ball Park

Crosset Company’s Buying Food Show and Educational Seminar was held at Great American Ball Park on August 10, 2016 and was a huge success!

This year’s speakers were Michael Sansolo, Retail Food Indtustry Consultant and Kevin Coupe,”Content Guy” for MorningNewsBeat.com with special guest speaker Lou Piniella, former Manager of the Reds’ 1990 World Series Championship Team.

How about Michael Sansolo and Kevin Coupe? Do they know what they are talking about or what? Have you ever heard about a “tectonic shift” like an earthquake, which means “change”? Do you remember they said that “change doesn’t just happen” you can’t wait for change, you have to change yourself? You need to be ahead of the curve, you need to cause other people to have to change.

Do you remember their example of the Bull Durham movie, that we need one more hit each week? We need to ask ourselves, what do I need and who has it? Do we really know who our competition is? Do you consider Staples, Aldi, Sav-a-lot, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, Trader Joe’s as competitors? Do we have the technology to compete? What about Amazon, they keep taking our business away. What about the Tide button? What about Echo and Alexia? Remember they said “The way I see the world” could be wrong? Are you really focused on your customers, do you know who your customers are and what they really want?

We have to figure out how to be more special! You have to understand the generations and future consumers. You need to teach them things, get their attention and you can do part of that on your website. You need to create the experience; example “Dinner for 2” “how to build the best burger” “teach them how to select a cantaloupe” etc. We need to come up with good ideas! Remember, “not everyone sees things the same way!”

What about “Sweet Lou”? Can you imagine setting across from George Steinbrenner? Can you imagine winning a Baseball World Series? You know he hit .291 lifetime and was Rookie of the Year in 1969? He was a better player than you might think, and we all know how great of a manager he was. What a Great Player/Manager to have at a seminar; he really did a great job.

What a day we had! Maybe a record crowd! I have to say that this year’s Crosset Company’s Annual Educational Buying Food Show and Seminar was a huge success, the best ever; congratulations to the entire Crosset Team for a job well done!

What a Great Show!!!!!

Watch the video below to see inside Crosset’s Food Show and Educational Seminar.

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